Motorcycle Theft Ring Broken Up by Police


POSTED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 2:02pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 7:24am

The alleged leader of a motorcycle theft ring has been arrested. He, and his accomplices, are accused of being behind a spike in motorcycle thefts that lasted from may through august.

News Center 23 reporter Na'Tassia Finley has more on how police put an end to their operations.

Nineteen year old Jesus Quiroz is said the be the ring leader of a group that stole motorcycles and ATVs from across the lower valley. The group allegedly stole the speed bikes and ATVs from Brownsville, Harlingen and Los Fresnos.
In Brownsville alone, police say over 20 bikes were lifted in about a four month period, a spike for our area, and Quiroz and his crew are likely to blame.

"Some of them ended up as parts, some of them were being taken to Mexico." said Eddie Garcia of the Brownsville Police Department.

Others were to be sold right here in the U.S. A break in the case came when a victim tried to get his bike back.

"One of the victims placed an ad in a local newspaper, putting a reward for any information leading to the arrest, or info. to recover his motorcycle." said Garcia.

Police say a person who came in contact with Quiroz was shown a picture of the bike. That photo matched the picture of the bike the victim had put a reward out on. This third party contacted the victim, the police were called, and this eventually lead authorities to search Quiroz’s home. There, they found not the bright yellow sports bike, but another bike that had been reported stolen, as well as others.

Investigators say the group would steal the bikes right out of peoples driveways and that they would haul them off with trailers that they had temporarily stolen. Police say they'd hook up the trailer, steal the bikes and return the trailer when they were done with it.

The recovered motorcycles have been turned over to their rightful owners. Meanwhile, Quiroz has been given a 55-thousand dollar bond.

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