Mother Charged with Abandoning and Child Endangerment

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 2:20pm

Police say he was wandering for hours, about four hours, along Frontage road near the expressway, but the 12 year old child is no ordinary boy, authorities say the preteen is mentally handicapped.

It happened over the weekend when the boy and his mother, 43 year old Zilene Ramirez Pensado, were shopping at a store in the Sunrise Plaza. At some point the child wandered off from Pensado, but she wasn't immediately concerned.

"She did not go search for the child right away." said Cameron County First Assistant District Attorney, Rene Garza.

When she did decide to look for the boy, he was long gone from the store and had made his way to a very busy Frontage road.

"She searched for the child for two hours, he usually returns, she was unable to locate him." said Garza.

Instead of calling police right away to help find her son, she left the area to run another errand.

The child was found near Morrison Road, which is about half a mile away from where he originally became separated from his mother.

Two witnesses called authorities after noticing the boy hanging around the area. When police arrived and were finally able to get a phone number out of the child, officers called his mother.

Once she arrived to pick her son up, she was arrested on abandoning and child endangerment charges.

Her bond has been set at 10-thousand dollars.

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