Mother admits ax attack on son

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 2:21pm

A Virginia mother faces life in prison after pleading guilty to attempted capital murder charges. This comes after prosecutors say she tried to kill her three children. New information released in court on Monday tells the horrific story of how she attacked her son and set their home on fire, Shelby Brown has the details.

A frantic 911 call after her crime, Kimberly Shepperson, "My house his on fire and my son is in the other room. I don't know if he's ok or not. My daughter said she was trying to wake me up.. I didn't hear her, and I just felt really, really hot and I woke up and all of a sudden fire is everywhere"

In this handwritten statement Kimberly Shepperson says she wanted to kill her three children and herself.

Prosecutors say she tried to carry out her plan last February when she attacked her 11 year-old son with an ax then set his room on fire.

Hours before Shepperson and her ex-husband argued about custody issues. She writes that before the attack she was in bed thinking of the easiest and most painless way to do it, "I thought about buying a gun for at least a month or so never doing it since I do love my children and really didn't want to hurt them."

The prosecutor says Shepperson gave her 11 year-old three prescription sleeping pills then held him down as she attacked while the boy screamed out aware of what his mom was doing.

Shepperson's letter also explains how she set fire to the room she was sleeping in with her 10 month-old and 7 year-old daughters.

Distraught by what she did to her son, she scrambled to get her daughter to safety saying the fire in her son's room was too much to handle.

Outside of court, no comment from the injured child's father and emotions run high when we approach Shepperson's family for a comment after her guilty pleas.

Pleas that now have her facing life in prison on each of the four charges.

Shepperson's son, who suffered from cancer at the time of the attack, ha since recovered from his injuries. He now lives with his father.

Kimberly Shepperson's sentencing date will be set during a hearing scheduled for October 29th.

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