Mother accused of locking son in basement

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 10:27am

23 year old man with special needs allegedly locked in basement and abused.

According to the grandmother of a 23 year old man with special needs, his mother locked him in the basement and fed him through a hole in the wall.

James Allen's mother has a court appearance next week.

But she's already spoken out, in her own defense.

Laurel Allen and her grandson, 23 year old James Allen, share a quiet moment outside her apartment complex Wednesday evening. James, who suffers from special needs, is now living with Laurel after she called Racine police to report what she says is abusive living conditions at his own mother's house.

They were feeding him through a hole in the wall or the ceiling, I don't know what. But there were like hundreds of nails around a certain area that they didn't want him escaping.

According to this criminal complaint, Laurel told police James had been locked in a basement and shocked with a dog collar. Police interviewed the boy. He said, when he wants to brush his teeth or wash his face, he has to knock on the door and someone would let him out. Police say there was no way out, a bucket to go to the bathroom in, and he was sleeping on a dirty mattress. His own mother, Teri Allen, tells me none of those allegations are true.

He would sleep down there, yeah. But he wasn't a prisoner. You know, he'd come upstairs for his meals and to go to the bathroom.

Terri tells me because of her son's disabilities, he could not control himself towards her, and that's why she locked him in the basement overnight.

He could get extremely violent.

But James' grandmother says the only reason her grandson would act out is because of the abusive environment he lived in.

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