Morning Cutins May 6th

Morning Cutins May 6th
Newscenter 23
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 9:36am

  The former mayor of Brownsville was arrested over the weekend.

 The district attorney’s office arrested Pat Ahumada on Friday night. He was arrested at the Goldmine 7-7-7 in Brownsvillle.

He is charged with keeping a gambling place. The raid and arrest is part of Operation Bishop, an 18 month criminal investigation. According to Texas law and the attorney general, sweepstakes that give cash prizes of 5 dollars or more, even if some or all proceeds benefit a non-profit/charity, are deemed an illegal gambling operation. As part of operation bishop five other eight-liner businesses were shutdown in April. It’s estimated that the eight-liner/sweepstakes industry generates at least $300 million annually. Operation bishop will continue through December until all illegal gambling establishments are closed. Two hundred Eight-liner/sweepstakes establishments currently operate in the county.

Brownsville police released their crime statistics for 20-12. Brownsville chief Orlando Rodriguez broke down the different categories of crimes. In 2012 there were 3 murders, that's up 1 one 2011. Burglaries increased slightly from the year before, and there were fewer aggravated assaults reported in 2012 compared to 20-11.

BISD police have arrested 17-year old Mario Benavides for planting the hoax bomb in the cafeteria of Lopez high school two weeks ago. The incident caused the school to evacuate and go on lockdown. Officials classified the device as more of a smoke bomb, that wouldn't have caused harm, but none the less, police say what the teen did, is still a crime.

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