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Friday, May 10, 2013 - 10:53am

Authorities are searching for a former Hidalgo County District Clerk who is wanted on a sexual assault warrant.
A day after posting bond of more than a million dollars Omar Guerrero could not be found.
Wednsday Hidalgo county sheriff's deputies tried to arrest him for having sexual relations with a minor.
This isn't the first time Guerrero is facing sexual assault charges ,nor is it the first time he's tried to avoid arrest.
A former Hidalgo County Commissioner is waiting to hear her fate after pleading no-contest to eight charges of theft.
Sylvia Handy will return to Hidalgo County Court for sentencing on July 18.
She was part of the phantom employee scandal in which she doctored county timesheets and used the money for immigrants to work at her home.
Some of the people Handy hired to be maids and babysitters testified against her.
There is now a bill that would call for the temporary closing of Boca Chica beach to make way for the SpaceX launches.
The bill is now moving to the hands of members of the Texas senate.
Boca Chica beach would only be closed when SpaceX conducts rocket launches. The latest word on the bill is that it could reach the senate by Friday.
The bill states that on launch days, the beach would be closed for 15 hours.
An Ohio prosecutor may seek the death penalty in the case involving three women held for a decade as sex slaves.
Prosecutor Tim McGinty will bring aggravated murder charges against Ariel Castro, the man accused of raping and imprisoning three women at his home in Cleveland.
Castro will be charged with multiple acts of violence and assault against the women, meaning the total charges against him could number in the hundreds or thousands.
Convicted murderer Jodi Arias is now on suicide watch in a psychiatric ward.
Officials with the Maricopa county sheriff's office say 32-year old Jodi Arias was transferred to the psych ward at the lower Buckyeye jail and placed on 24-hour suicide watch. Arias was convicted Wednesday for killing her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. The move comes after arias told a local phoenix TV station she would prefer the death penalty. Sentencing was scheduled to begin Thursday, but was abruptly canceled and postponed until May 15th.


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