More women in the Valley are buying guns

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 8:45am

More women are packing heat in the Rio Grande Valley. So says the director of a lower valley gun range. He says while gun glasses used to be almost exclusively men, now about half of the classes he conducts include women.

"More ladies are aware of the fact that they can actually defend themselves against a very violent perpetrator. For example, size and strength is not an issue when you properly train with a handgun."

"According to the most recent Gallup polling numbers….about 23% of American women now own some type of firearm. That's up from about a 20 percent female gun ownership level eight years ago."

Escobedo says women gun class students are motivated differently than men.

"I think what's unique is that a lot of males who take the class take it simply because they are interested in firearms, but in women I find a large number of them are interested in personal protection.

Regardless of a gun owner’s gender or motivation, the rules for safe handling are the same.

"Firearms are a tool that can really make a difference when it comes to personal protection and that's why we should learn how to use it properly…learn how to use it safely….practice what we learn…and act responsibly."

Safety basics always bear repeating. Unload your gun when not in use…always use the proper and recommended ammunition…and never….ever….for any reason, point the muzzle in an unsafe direction. Reporting from Brownsville, Abigail Camilo, KVEO Newscenter 23.

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