Monkeys On The Loose

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 11:59am

Searchers hope bananas will lure pets that escaped during Texas fire evacuations.

A group of women armed with bananas searched Tuesday for some pet rhesus monkeys on the loose in Waller County, Texas.

The monkeys escaped during recent wildfire evacuations.

The residents loaded a pickup truck with bananas attached to a duct tape-type leash.

"We've been taking care of them. We can't have monkeys on the loose," Keri Hefner said. "We have bananas."

Officials said the moneys can be dangerous and some have turned violent.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials said one of their game wardens, Karin Apple, was bitten by one of the monkeys.

Apple was assisting wildfire evacuees Sunday morning when she saw a monkey up in a tree.

She tried to lure the monkey down and into a cage, but the monkey jumped on her arm, bit her thumb and ran away.

Apple was treated and released from a Conroe hospital with a small puncture wound.

The Waller County Sheriff's Office also said a captured monkey in a cage stole a deputy's cell phone.

The deputy did get the phone back, but with teeth marks on it.

Some of the monkeys have been caught, but two or three are still on the loose.

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