Mommy Bloggers New Face of Marketing

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 9:28am

Widely watched online communities draw the attention of the business world.

When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing there's probably nothing more honest or more powerful than a group of moms.

Mommy bloggers are the new faces of marketing.

Many have degrees, corporate backgrounds and passionate hobbies.

They all have a lot to say, and businesses are listening.

Their sites now have paid ads and brand sponsorships.

They get a lot of free products to review, garnering attention for corporations like Disney and GM.

"We get to test drive some cars every once in awhile. So I got to drive the Chevy Camaro for a weekend and I get the Chevy Traverse next month when my family is in town," says Sondra Drahos of

"I think when people think of mom blogs they think of diapers and cleaning products, but it's not just that," adds Kate Dillon of "There's a lot of luxury brands that I'm contacted spas, five star hotels, shopping malls."

Business professor Heather Honea says mommy bloggers offer companies something unique.

"They have the authenticity and credibility that you can't get with a commercial," she says.

Advertising Age magazine says moms have an annual purchasing power of more than two million dollars, making more than 80-percent of the household purchasing decisions.

At the same time, according to an iVillage poll, nearly 23-million women read blogs.

"Marketers now realize that if a big blogger says, 'Buy X,Y,Z,' it's probably gonna sell out the next day. It's like the Oprah effect, but on a much smaller scale," says's Debbie Anderson.

It's exactly businesses now seem to have a grown-up sized respect for the power of the mommy blogger.

Walmart even has its own team of mom bloggers, and there are now big conventions where companies can court the moms with lots of freebies.

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