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Monday, August 15, 2011 - 7:57am

From sex to medicating their children, a new survey reveals a women's take on parenting.

Children change our lives in wonderful ways but parenting can also be hard to handle. An anonymous survey of 25,000 women by the Today Show and Parenting Magazine gives us insight into the how moms really feel.

At the Little Gym we talked to Tyler's mom, Lisa Reyes, and Cooper's mom, Lori Maziarz, for their reactions to some of the surprising survey results.

Here's one: 45% of moms said they would choose to weigh 15 pounds less over adding 15 points to their child's iq. Neither one of these moms agree.

Lisa Reyes says "I would love to weigh less, don't get me wrong but no I think I would go for the child."

Lori Maziarz says "it seems in society today women are very concerned about being very thin and very attractive for everyone else instead of what's important family, child intelligence."

In the survey nearly 18% of moms confessed to medicating their child for a long plane or car trip.

Lori Maziarz says "Cooper's flown several times. I've never had to medicate him. Never."

Lisa Reyes says "we've actually done a six hour flight and he was awake until the pilot said prepare for landing please put your tray up. I think there were some people looking at me probably about to offer me medication for him."

43% of mom admitted they judge others who still breast-feed their toddlers. Lori still breast-feeds. Cooper has experienced that first hand.

Lori Maziarz says "just the 'oohs' and the looks and then maybe not even being invited to the next play date."

When asked to choose between sex and sleep, 53% of moms chose an uninterrupted night of sleep. Only 4% said their sex life is the thing they miss most. Lisa is happy to share her sex life has never been better.

Lisa Reyes says "I talked to some of my girlfriends the other day who were saying oh it's been six weeks and I thought I don't know if we can go six days."

23% of moms surveyed crave alone time. Lisa can relate. She is 43 and was with her husband for ten years before Copper came along.

Lori Maziarz says "so we had a lot fun going out a lot of wine and a lot of fun and that's been the biggest adjustment I think is not having any alone time."

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