Mission Police Bring Down Drug Smuggler at the Rio Grande River

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 3:29pm

MISSION - Mission police say many times it's the small clues that can lead to the big arrests.

"Today a little after 9 a.m.. one of our officers was patrolling the area near pepe's by the river. That area is known for people moving illegal aliens and marijuana," said Cpl. Manuel Casas, Mission Police.

And while patrolling the officer noticed a gray vehicle.

Police said what alerted them to this vehicle was that he decided to run a stop sign. When police turned on their lights, the suspect hit the gas.

The suspect then lead police on a short chase, which ended right back at Pepe's. He drove as close as he could to the river, then got out and surrendered.

"That is when we discovered the vehicle was completely loaded with what we know now to be over 577 pounds of marijuana," said Cpl. Casas.

Police said when they were arresting the suspect, they saw two rafts in the river. One with about twenty people and another with one male. They were all paddling quickly back to Mexico, making police believe the suspect might have been considering trying to splashdown into the river.

"A splashdown is when they actually throw their vehicle into the water. The rafts wait for you, the individuals will jump into the water, get the marijuana bundles out of the vehicle, put them on the raft, and swim back to the Mexican side. That is what they usually do," said Cpl. Casas.

Police also noticed several of the bundles were marked with the letters G and O, leading police to believe this marijuana may have come from the Gulf Cartel.

The suspect will be arraigned on Tuesday.

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