Missing toddler found dead

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 2:34pm

Body of a missing 2-year-old boy found in a car near his family's home.

Sheriff's deputies in Wisconsin say they found the body of a missing 2 year old in the trunk of a locked vehicle Wednesday night near his family's home Wednesday night.

This comes after a massive search for Isaiah Theis in the small town of Centuria.

"He'd always give me a hug when I'd bring my dad's truck there and my car. And he was really friendly."

19 year old Lucas Tiffany was one of hundreds of volunteers who braved the extreme heat of the week to search high and low for little Isaiah.

"Everybody poured their heart out for him and it turned out he barely even left the yard from what I heard."

Word of finding the boy's body in the trunk of a red car hit the volunteers like Lucas hard.

"We walked right past it. People checked it and the doors were locked and so nobody thought he would get in there."

Virtually everyone in the Centuria Fire Department joined the volunteer search.

The population of the tiny town briefly tripled.

"Most of the people who are on the fire department are parents. Parents and what not so it's a difficult thing for everybody."

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