Missing Monkey Roundup

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 2:35pm

Texas primate sanctuary searches for monkey set free by Tropical Storm Hermine.

Residents of Texas' North Bexar County are still feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Hermine's damage.

Unfortunately, for workers at Primarily Primates Sanctuary, it has turned into a serious search for a missing monkey.

"This is unexpected," said Stephen Tello, executive director of Primarily Primates. "We don't want things like this to happen."

Tello says a spider monkey named W.C. Fields is among three that escaped the non-profit sanctuary after strong winds caused a tree to fall damaging their cage last Tuesday.

The staff quickly captured two of the monkeys, but the leader of the pack is still missing.

"You can tell he's lost," said Tello. "You can tell he's scared, doing a lot of vocalizations. So, we really have a scared, hungry primate."

The missing monkey is described as dark brown, with tan-coloring on his face and stomach.

Neighbors have already reported seeing the monkey traveling very close to some homes, even in garages.

Tello says neighbors should use caution if they spot the monkey.

"Don't go outside. Don't try to pet him. Don't try to befriend him, and don't feed him at this point," he warned.

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