Dog Lovers Upset Their Future Pet Was Put To Sleep

POSTED: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - 10:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

In a story, you'll only see on News Center 23.
A dog dropped off at the Brownsville Animal shelter for shots, was accidentally put to sleep.
Shelter represenatatives are calling it an unfortunate mistake, but two local dog lovers who wanted to keep the dog are outraged.
Brownsville resident, Barbara Johnson says, A 6-month old, stray labrador retriever mix was hanging around her work place at Rio Grande Tool.
Johnson and her boss, Kenneth Graham immediately fell in love with the pup.
Kenneth planned on keeping it.
But first, they took it to the animal shelter for it's shots.
That's when something horrible happened.
A best friend is all he wanted.
"I needed a friend and she was lost here at the plant."
Dog lover, Kenneth Graham says he was excited to own, "Lady".
They took the dog to Brownsville's Animal Care and Regulation Center to get her shots, and that was the last time they would see "Lady" alive.
"I went over to pick her up and they brought out this dog and I said, that's not the dog I brought in."
Days later, Kenneth's co-worker Barbara Johnson says, something definitely wasn't right.
"They kept trying to convince us that this other little dog was her."
"Lady" was accidentally euthanized.
"I felt awful. I cried when I got out to the car. I had a good home for it."
"I can't stand the idea. I love dogs, I can't stand the idea of dogs being put to death for no stupid reason," Graham says.
Nellie Zamora, Supervisor of Animal Care Technicians at Brownsville's Animal Shelter says what happened was the adoption papers accidentally got put on the wrong dog.
In a statement to News Center 23, Zamora says, "Of course we are tremendously sorry. We would've liked for them to go home with the
animal they wanted.
We offered them another dog free of charge, but they weren't interested.
Still Barbara and Kenneth say they won't be satisfied until they have
that special four-legged friend.
"I'll be looking for another lab."
A Brownsville City ordinance requires three days go by before an animal is put to death.

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