Milk Prices Heat Up

Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 10:52am

Heatwave and drought cut milk production, triggering spike in prices.

Panting away, cows at Mark Goode’s dairy farm bear the extreme heat.

Big fans try to keep the cows cool.

"You cant change it, cause you do cope with it, and try to do the best you can, and make sure the cows are comfortable,” says Goode.

Hundreds of dairy cows are at Double Good dairy farm.

Goode says extreme heat is causing his cows to eat less, driving milk production at his farm down 20-30%.

Goode says he is losing $440 with each blistering hot day.

"Certainly, one of the worst Summers we have had I can remember. We had one Summer when it was worse. This is certainly one of the hotter ones,” said Goode.

Veterinarian Don Gardner is trying to help farmers keep their cows cool.

However, Gardner says it is a challenging task.

"When it is real hot during the day, and the temperatures don't drop below 80-85 at night that is really, really stressful, because there is no relief,” says Gardner.

As temperatures continue to rise, so do milk prices at the grocery store.

Goode says when production is down, the price of milk goes up.

He says it could be a while before prices come back down.

"There is going to be some fluctuations, but until it cools off, and we still have all of August, it will be September before we really see a bump in production,” says Goode.

With no relief in sight, many are hoping things cool down soon than later.

Not only for the cows, but for their wallets.

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