Military Bans Medal of Honor

Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 9:59am

Video game that allows gamers to play as Taliban soldiers won't be sold on bases.

A new video game that allows players to take on the role of a Taliban fighter and target U.S. troops won't be sold on U.S. military bases.

"Medal of Honor" won't be released until October, but the game is already making waves.

It won't be stocked on nearly 300 base exchanges or dozens of GameStop video game stores also located on military posts.

Past versions of "Medal of Honor" set in World War II have allowed gamers to play as either Allied or Nazi soldiers.

The new version is set in Afghanistan.

Sailor Joseph Towne in Norfolk, Va., said he doesn't plan to play "Medal of Honor" and supports the decision not to sell the game at military exchanges. "I think it's kind of messed up," said Towne. "I think it's bad for morale."

Gamers are scoffing at the decision, saying that advanced technology has made it commonplace in the gaming world to let players switch sides and play the bad guy.
"I think it might sell, I think it's going to sell big, I might get it," said long time gamer Mark David in Norfolk, whose brother is in the Army.
"When you play Grand Theft Auto, you're shooting Americans," David added, "so it's pretty much just a video game."

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