Midterm Wrap

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 9:00am

Time unitl the midterms may be winding down, but the President and the candidates are not.

President Obama is heading out west today, hoping to boost Democrats in Oregon and Washington state.

With the mid-term elections just thirteen days away, he's got plenty of campaigning ahead.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, "Reminding voters what's at stake, who has their best interest in mind."

The race is winding down, but the candidates aren't.

In Illinois, the President's former Senate seat is up for grabs and both candidates are throwing elbows.

Republican Illinois Senate Candidate Mark Kirk said, "I think you should have some apologizing to do too."

Democratic Illinois Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias said, "He didn't answer the question."

Florida's Senate race is a virtual microcosm of Decision 2010.

Democratic Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek said, "You’re for offshore drilling."

Independent Florida Senate Candidate Charlie Crist replied, "I didn't interrupt you."

"You ARE for offshore oil drilling," said Meek.

"No I'm not, I'm opposed to it. He's the guy that wants off shore drilling," said Crist pointing to Tea Party Candidate Marco Rubio.

"Now you are, now you are..." said Meek.

"You got ‘em confused," said Crist.

The Democrat Kendrick Meek is behind and so is the state's former Republican Governor Charlie Crist.

Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio is hoping to ride the wave of voter anger all the way to Washington.

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