MidTerm Election Countdown

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 9:55am

The last minute dash to secure votes is underway.

Was it a snub from the Commander In Chief?

President Obama campaigned in Rhode Island but failed to endorse his party's candidate for Governor there, who's running against an independent who supported Obama in '08:

Frank Caprio, Democratic Rhode Island Gubernatorial Candidate said, "He can take the endorsement and shove it."

Mr. Obama is urging Democrats to look beyond this election.

"We're just in the first quarter. We got a whole game to play," said President Obama.

That game is well underway. Six and a half million early voters have already cast ballots in 25 states including Washington, where Michelle Obama tried to light a fire under the party.

"If you think someone is sitting out you've gotta shake 'em! Tell 'em they can't sit this one out! We have come too far for them to sit this one out!" said First Lady Michelle Obama.

There's talk of Democratic momentum...some polls show it...but Republicans don't seem worried.

Susan Molinari, Former GOP House Representative said, "We've seen nothing to indicate that the national trends that have taken us to this place thus far will not continue in the last eight days."

There were more debates overnight: in Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Indiana and Kentucky…where it got personal.

Politics…turning nasty…with just a few days left to go.

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