Midterm Debates

Thursday, October 14, 2010 - 9:50am

The debates take center stage as the midterm elections draw near.

They called her a witch. She called him a Marxist.

Delaware's Senate candidates sparred over everything from evolution to the economy.

Democratic Delaware Senate Candidate Chris Coons said, "I'm nobody's pet. I'm going to be a bulldog for Delaware. I'm running to represent all Delawareans"

Republican Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell said, "My opponent has a history of promising not to raise taxes on the campaign trail and then break those promises as soon as he takes office."

O'Donnell is behind by double-digits.

There were showdowns in North Carolina, Colorado and Arkansas, where former President Bill Clinton campaigned.

Republican Arkansas Senate Candidate John Boozman said, "When the money goes away, the jobs go away."

Democratic Arkansas Senate Candidate and current Senator Blanche Lincoln said, "This election is about jobs."

President Obama is preparing to talk jobs on MTV. Tonight's co-host says the under-30 crowd will be listening.

MTV Host Sway Calloway said, "There's no jobs to go to. It's affecting their pocketbooks."

Democrats are hoping Michelle Obama can connect where her husband can't.

She heads to Colorado today after stumping in Illinois.

Matt Lewis of Politics Daily said, "I think she has the starpower that Barack Obama has but not the baggage."

Tonight's faceoff: Sharon Angle vs. Harry Reid in Nevada. It's a tight race. Polls are neck and neck there.

Democrats plan to sink 2 million into TV ads. Republicans are sending in their big gun next week: Sarah Palin.

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