Midterm Debates

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 8:11am

The midterm election debates heat up the race.

Kentucky's Democratic Candidate for Senate came right out and said it.

"This election is not about President Obama but about Jack Conway vs. Rand Paul," said Jack Conway.

But three weeks from an election where Republicans seem poised to win big, it is about Washington.

Republicans are trying to tie Democrats to Pelosi, Obama and big spending…namely, health reform.

Indiana Republican Senate Candidate Dan Coats said, "This healthcare bill is one of the prime example is what is wrong with Washington."

Wisconsin Republican Senate Candidate Ron Johnson said, "The health care bill was just incredibly expensive and complicated overreach by the federal government."

But even if the GOP wins, some analysts say health reform isn't going away.

"Obama health care is going to be there as long as Obama is there," said Political Analyst Stu Rothenberg.

Democrats said some of that big spending helped the economy.

North Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate Elaine Marshall said, "The stimulus package did put a floor a bottom to the freefall."

And now the issue is tax breaks. Who gets them?

Even some Democrats are backing off the President's pledge to let taxes go up for the rich.

Colorado Democratic Senate Candidate Michael Bennett said, "There's just not a lot of appetite for raising taxes."

"We can't raise taxes. Taxes are counterproductive," said Colorado Republican Senate Candidate Ken Buck.

Rare agreement in an election where both sides are trying to distance themselves from what they say hasn't worked in Washington.

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