Middle School Students Accused of Sodomizing Friend with a Cell Phone


POSTED: Saturday, January 22, 2011 - 6:54am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 1:45pm

"It hurt me. It does. Like, he's my family. I didn't think he was that bad."

18-year-old, Pablo Garcia, is talking about his cousin. One of the four students accused of sexually assaulting one of their friends with a cell phone.

Cameron County authorities arrested two students yesterday. The others were picked up this morning. The students who attend Liberty Middle School in Laureles were interviewed by Cameron County investigators at the Cameron County Sheriff's Office after the department received the call from the victim's family on Monday.

Garcia says, "My mom told me they were horsing around and everything and I guess they started undressing the kid. In my mom's words, that's what they had told her, they started undressing the kid. One of them was pinning him down and something with the phone being placed somewhere I don't want to mention."

"What they did is they pulled the pants down of this individual then they threw him down on the floor. They held him against his will and they used a cell phone to penetrate his anus," said Cameron County Sheriff, Omar Lucio.

Lucio says this was done at one the teen's home and the group claims they were playing a game they called "pants". As this act was committed, the sheriff says one of the boys took pictures on his phone and they planned to upload them online.

"This is not the kind of game that is permissible and we hope this is the last case we hear about it. We don't want it to go out here and the other kids try to do the same thing. This is not only embarrassing and dangerous but this is a violation of the law."

"I knew he was a troublemaker. I knew. He’s a little kid. He’s still learning and everything but that's just a little too much. He’s a young adult already so it hurts me to know that one of my family members, like he just did that right now."

The victim is doing okay today. As for the four minors, they were transported to the juvenile detention where they away sexual assault charges.