Middle School Pickup Confusion

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 8:41am

Normally the first day of school is supposed to be exciting for parents and the students but for the parents of a middle school 6th grader at Perkins Middle School it was a scary one Monday. The school district says the parents were expecting their son to come home on a Brownsville Independent school bus. When the 11 year old did not make it home they called the school district and law enforcement.
Mona Lisa Rocha is a mother who has children that go to Perkins middle school.

"Is it scary? Heck yes it is I have 4 children two of them in elementary one in middle school and one in high school so of course it is its very scary."

A search for the student lasted late into the evening until the student was found at a daycare the boy's family uses. The school district says the daycare provider van picked up the boy from school and took him to the daycare.
We spoke with the daycare who says early that day the parents notified them they did not have to pick up the child, but when the child got out of school he came up to the van and said he was supposed to be picked up. The daycare did and took the middle schooler him to the daycare.

The daycare says they did not know the parents were looking for him. They say the parents never contacted them and it was not until they saw on Facebook the child was missing that they contacted the parents. Later that night the boy was reunited with his family.

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