Michael Garza Announces Bid for Brownsville Mayor

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 9:02am

He's never held a position in the local government, but says he's reaching for the top, he's running for Brownsville mayor.

"We have to go out there, things are not gonna happen if we wait for them, we have to go out there and make things happen." said Brownsville Mayoral Candidate, Michael Garza.

So, how does he plan to do that? He answered that question at a news conference Tuesday where he announced he’s running for the position.

For one, he hopes to expand the career field, not just create jobs, but good paying jobs that will allow residents to improve their quality of life. He mentioned maquiladoras, or export assembly plants. He has a business background and has brought 15 small businesses to the city of Brownsville, so he believes he has the know-how to move in bigger businesses, with the backing of the city.

Having unity here in the Brownsville is of key importance, but Garza adds improving the city will go beyond the city limits.

"We need to talk about the Rio Grande Valley as a region." he said.

He stresses partnerships and promotion of the valley as a whole will help to attract businesses and even tourism to our city, as well as the others.

"We have three ports of entry that I think can bring an influx of tourism to our town.” said the mayoral candidate.

One thing he's looking into, if elected, is the possibility of bringing an Amtrak train right to Brownsville.

He says the land base here in the city has room to grow, so creating more businesses for those tourists to shop and dine in, or creating jobs for residents is possible. Initiative needs to be taken though, in order for the city to move forward, and he believes he's the man for the job.

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