Mexican Fugitive On The Run

POSTED: Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 9:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:33am

Border Patrol agents and UT-B Police are on high alert, tonight.
The extra security began after authorities called off a search for an armed and dangerous mexican fugitive on the University of Texas Brownsville campus.
A mexican gun man with a beard is believed to have crossed the Rio Grande, after shooting at a Mexican police officer in Matamoros.
Then, making his way onto UTB-TSC's golf course.
Officials say, he's a very wanted man.
Now the entire campus is keeping a watchful eye.
"I saw the alert via the campus alert,e-mail but it's no different than what Ihave to do everyday, be aware of my surroundings."
UTB's campus is on high alert, and government major, Juan Pacheco says, all day long his eyes were wide open.
"The mindset hasn't changed, you still have to be vigilant, and look where you're going," he says.
School administrators put out a campus wide alert, via e-mail, warning all their students of the mexican gun man.
Border patrol agents started their search along the river,
then the search continued here on UTB's golf course, and campus police got involved.
"We have great campus security, the security is fantastic, campus police and border patrol have good security. I feel we're in good shape."
UTB's golf course Pro, Robert Lucio says, incidents like this one are expected, living so close to the border.
He's thankful to authorities for quickly securing the area.
Something which makes students feel safer.
"In my opinion, they did a heck of a job," Pacheco says.
Although the initial search is over, border patrol agents say they still have not caught the man.
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