Messages of Hate

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 3:53pm

White supremacists blanket Florida neighborhood with recruitment flyers.

People in a Bonita Springs, Florida neighborhood are furious about what they call "messages of hate" left in their community.

Leaders of a white supremacist group distributed hundreds of flyers in hopes of recruiting new members.

The flyers were dropping in hundreds of driveways throughout Bonita Springs.

"It's racist," said homeowner Renee Routhier.

They're from the group the American National Socialist Party - referred to as a "white supremacist organization" in a Lee County Sheriff's Office report.

Deputies were called to the neighborhood off West Terry Street because residents were disgusted with what they saw.

"I came out the door and found this package in the lane way and thought it was mail," said homeowner Wayne Anderson.

Inside the plastic baggie, which was weighed down with a rock, was a flyer that had messages like:

"Why do these evil dark men pick on me?" and "White America, stop this from happening to your family."

"I was appalled. You hear about these things, but you don't expect to see it first-hand," said Anderson.

Not every house on Morgan Street actually got one of the flyers in their driveway.

Only found three homes got it.

Over the phone the group's leader, Paul Mullet, explained that the fliers are supposed to spread the group's message and recruit members to his national white pride organization.

"We have a right to do that and if you don't like the fliers- throw them away," Mullet said.

He wouldn't say why Bonita Springs was chosen, but says his group hit over 250 homes early Monday morning.

Officials with the Lee County Sheriff's Office say dropping off the information isn't illegal, but they still took a report and the gang unit was notified.

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