Message On A Pumpkin

Monday, November 12, 2012 - 8:39am

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a Connecticut store owner decides to have a little fun with his gourds.

With no customers on the Monday of Hurricane Sandy, and more pumpkins than they knew what to do with, the folks at Shelley's Garden Center decided to try something.

"Well, we know pumpkins float. So we put a message on the pumpkins," said Shelley’s Garden Center owner, John Chambers.

The family left six pumpkins along the Branford shore inscribed with a message asking anyone who found the pumpkins to call the store.

And already five have been found, some as far away as Milford and West Haven.

"Pumpkins bounce and roll and they float," said Chambers.

They can also apparently take a water wallop, a surf shellacking, and a tidal tirade, while only sustaining a few gourd gashes.

These pumpkins are providing a small and silly diversion from an otherwise difficult last few weeks along the Connecticut coast.

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