Message in a Bottle

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 10:44am

A bottle with a message thrown into the Atlantic by a Connecticut over a year ago has made its way back to him with a postcard f

Staring out on the water off the coast of Niantic, Connecticut, Jerry Pope had an idea.

He says he always heard about people finding small treasures in the sea, and, in October of 2010, he decided to send one of his own.

He tossed a bottle with a handwritten note into the Atlantic Ocean and bid it farewell.

He had no idea where the bottle would go but inside on the letter he gave his name and address and asked the person who found the letter to send him a letter back.

He didn't know if it would even make it out of Niantic bay.

It did make it out of the bay and, in fact, made it all the way to an island off the coast of England.

Pope says it was found on March 22nd and days later he received a postcard in the mail.

Something that started as a whim ended up being an incredible story shared by people on two different continents.

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