Men In Heels To Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 9:55am

MCALLEN- South Texas College hosted an event to raise awareness on domestic violence. The participates were men wearing some shoes that will make them look higher. Dozens of male students slipping on a high heel dared to be stared at the college, as they get in touch with their feminine side.

It's all part an annual walk at the college promoting a stand against domestic violence by having men walk a mile around campus sporting their pumps.

"It's time for us to take a stand as a group to actually say you know what women have feelings too that their not just a toy or doll that they can be played with and we have to stand up for them," said Juan Garza a student and participant.  "Oh yeah! I'm doing this for the girls! I have my high heels on."

 As Juan was able to hold his balance while walking in heels others just, tripped and feel! Organizers hope this event will raise awareness on how hard it can be for women facing domestic violence.

"It's no joke what these ladies go through. Just walking in high heels can't compare to the physical and mental abuse that they go through," said Jose Ruiz.

As the men walked around campus holding signs and those fashionable heels the men survived.

"I mean wearing these shoes women shoes and now we feel on how they feel," said Frank Revilla

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