City of McAllen working on mobile app


POSTED: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 5:18pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 8:24am

Technology is changing the way we communicate.  In McAllen, it's now even changing the way we complain.  

"Our population is growing, there's a lot more younger population in McAllen, we need to provide the service for the younger generation that's living in McAllen now," said Josue Ramirez, the Health Director for McAllen who's also working on the project.  

The city first concentrated its call center so all complaints are routed through one place.  The next step, was building a McAllen phone app.  

So if let's say, your garbage wasn't picked up, you can tell somebody about it without actually telling somebody about it.  

"You can get on the phone and say... here's my address, here's my phone number, here's where it is," said Neo Canales, who oversees the McAllen call center. "And boom hit a button and it will send it over to the people who need it right now." 

Another upside to the mobile app is documenting everything.  This way, there's no middle man. Everything is immediately written down and city employees are held accountable for their work.  

"The benefit is to be able to track who got the complaint, when it was submitted, how long it took for us to respond to that complaint, and make those improvements where we need to improve," Ramirez said.

The city is still negotiating with the app maker and will only say the app will come out likely before Christmas.  

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