McAllen Still Rebuilding

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - 6:32pm

This was the scene just a couple weeks ago in McAllen as the hail,wind, and rain caused flooding and serious damage to the outside of homes and the outsides.
Tuesday the damage is still visible at Febe Alanis' home.

"Its looks like somebody shooting at the door, boom boom boom."

Her air conditioner was pelted by the hail. There is a whole in roof, which her son in law did a temporary fix.
Her windows are boarded up as the glass shattered during the storm. Tuesday an adjuster came by to see the damage, now Alanis is waiting for her insurance to tell her how much is covered before she can fix anything.

"I am on social security and I have to take care of my income that's for the month."

Alanis neighbor is not so lucky we doesn't have any insurance on his home. His roof has holes in it and the inside suffered water damage. He is still waiting to hear if FEMA is going to provide any aid.

Just down the road Alanis son's house also suffered damage Tuesday he's working to repair his roof."

"The roof got really pelted and i was scared it looked moist and torn up so we got to replace it."

Frank Alanis also has window damage.

"it was a scary experience, having glass breaking for like 30 minutes while it was hailing."

In total 24 of his windows are shattered. Crews are working to replace those Tuesday.

"All these windows just got replaced I replaced them yesterday you can tell you see the damage on the cedar, you can imagine how hard the hail was maybe up to this high."

In addition to all the damage to his home Alanis had his wife's car pelted with the hail. His porsche was also totaled from the storm damage.
Alanis does have insurance on his home and car.

As for other resident in McAllen they say they are taking things day by day try to get them back to normal.

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