McAllen Resident Warns of Money Scam

Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 8:31am

Al Gonzalez is a Vietnam veteran and he says he received a letter in the mail indicating that he won $250,000 dollars.

He didn't believe it at first so he called the number that was provided in the letter. He says he was given the option to have the money wired to his bank account or mailed to him. He chose the mailing option because he didn't want anyone messing with his account. We contacted Walmart to find out if they had anything to do with this and a spokesperson released this statement "We are very unhappy to learn that there is a scam intending to defraud our customers and we encourage them to contact the Federal Trade Commission or their state AG office."

Gonzalez received the check with a Chase logo on it and it looked legitimate. He was given instructions to deposit the check and then withdrawal nearly $3,000 dollars to pay for the transport and taxes of his winnings. When he tried to make the deposit, the bank tellers at Chase said it was a bogus check and it didn't go through.

He called back the company that issued the check and was hung up on by someone. Representative from Chase Bank say if you ever receive these types of letters and checks disregard them because they are false. Officials with Chase also say that they train tellers well to detect fake checks so that their customers won't become victimized.

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