Mcallen Police Shoot Suspect Armed with Knives

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 10:25am

MCALLEN- Police involved shooting sent one man to the hospital after he tried to attack police with two knifes.  According to police, they responded to a call about a home disturbance at  an apartment complex at 904 Redwood Avenue just after midnight. Police said they found Carlos Esquivel, 47, holding knives in each hand and started charging at police once they arrived to the apartment.

Police evacuated the area and brought the wife and daughter onto the street to further investigate and police say the man came charging at them again with the knives in both hands that's when police officer Richard Villareal shot at Esquivel.

"That officer fired one shot at the suspect he was wounded in the central abdomen area, right in the stomach and was treated to McAllen hospital this morning," said McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez.

Police said the argument started when Esquivel wanted his 50 year old wife to drink along with him but she refused, he was intoxicated and as the argument escalated, the daughter called police for help.
According to police, Esquivel wasn't afraid to get law enforcement involved.

"He didn't fear for police," said Rodriguez. "That's what really triggered the woman to call us and to go to the house."

One neighbor News Center 23 talked to said he heard a sound like a wall coming down around midnight.

" I heard something really loud like if something has fallen. but i didn't hear any gunshots," said Adolfo Luna.

Luna has been living near the apartment complex for two years and hasn't witnessed any crime in his neighborhood and isn't really concerned about his safety because of what took place next door.

It doesn't really bother me because this area is really tranquil and quite," said Luna. "The neighbors are all the same and this incident doesn't really bother me."

McAllen police indicated it's been five years since they were involved in a police involved shooting. Police officer Richard Villareal is not on administrative leave.

"We believe he acted with a lot of restraint last night and used force only when there were required to use force and in this case it's very clearly they did in the defense of their lives," Rodriguez said.

Chief Rodriguez told News Center 23 that Esquivel is from Guatemala and is not legal in this country. He also has a criminal history with McAllen Police and also in Arizona. Esquivel is hospitalized, but likely to recover and will be facing attempted murder charges or aggravated assault charges. Police said the case will now go to the district attorney's office for a final decision.

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