McAllen Medical Center Gets New Air Vac Helicopter

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 11:18am

HIDALGO COUNTY - A new ambulance made it's debut on Thursday and this isn't your average ride to the hospital.

A new helicopter for McAllen Medical Center made it's welcome landing and the new air evac life team will work with local emergency responders and is now ready to fly out anywhere in the Valley. Three paramedics will man the chopper and it will pick up patients and fly them directly to the hospital in critical moments. McAllen Medical CEO Joe B. Riley stated, "It means we can enhance our trauma and patient care for the patients we serve in the Rio Grande Valley and keep them at home for the care they need."

The helicopter will be able to go to any hospital in the Valley and it is independently owned and functions from membership fees and billing for services they provide.

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