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Friday, April 22, 2011 - 8:56am

CEO's and educators are in Washington today to persuade lawmakers on the importance of math and science education.

For the Heaney family on spring break in Washington DC, the state of the kids' education isn't a big worry

“I see a big improvement from when I went to school…” Bill Heaney said.

But some of the nation's top CEO's say it should be.

“We're basically lying to parents and their kids, saying that everything is ok, when there (is) data that suggest(s) everything is not ok”

Craig Barrett, retired CEO of Intel sees an education crisis.

He's joined with corporate leaders from around the country to push for higher education standards especially in math and science and better training for those teachers.

“Today the probability if you're in elementary or high school of getting a math teacher who knows math is only 60 or 70 percent.” Barrett says.

The National Assessment of Educational Programs recently found only 33 percent of eighth graders are proficient or advanced in math.

On his town hall tour, President Obama agreed, pushing back against those who want education cuts.

“We're investing more in stem education math and science and technology education. We can still make those investments.”

With the budget battle in Washington just getting started, some of the nations brightest minds say the war in the classrooms is right now, being lost.

Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Washington

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