Massive Fire Prompts Evacuations


POSTED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 4:10pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 1:00pm

MISSION- A massive fire consumed acres and acres of land in the Mission area, causing evacuations near by. The giant plumes of smoke billowing into the air could be seen for miles and flames could also be seen flaring up within the dark smoke this is the outcome of a trash fire. The furious fire started at Silverado Circle in La Homa and then spread eastward out of control prompting evacuations for folks living near by, according to an official with the Hidalgo County Constable.

"Initially we did ask some people to evacuate in the area where we were having spot fires right close to some structures so we did have a lot of people move out. but that area since then has been control," said Juan Martinez Hidalgo County Fire Marshal.

And the fire continuing to rip through, what we are told by officials with the county constables, is a landfill off Moorefield Road between mile 8 1/2 and South of Mile Nine, the fire there consuming tires and other type of debris. Crews from the city of McAllen have been assisting with bull dozers and paramedics remained on stand by in case any injuries and so far none to report. The fire marshall said that a structure was on fire but as of right now we have no confirmation if it was a business, home or outbuilding. About 19 fire departments were on scene to combat the fire and the high winds made it a lot more difficult for them.

"The winds are making it worse there causing spot fires in different locations so we're tying to preposition personnel and equipment in certain areas to make sure no other structures are burned," said Martinez

Fire crews were coming as far as Falfurrias.

"Falfurrias we're coming down for mutual aid," said one firefighter.

Spectators were blocking Moorefield Road and were asked to leave so crews and equipment could easily go in and out.

"If you can avoid these areas for right now just allow us to do our job here and stay out of the area," said Martinez.

Fire crews continue fight against the flames as fire investigators continue to investigate.

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