Marriage and divorce rates in Hidalgo County remain steady


POSTED: Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 8:49am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 8:56am

After reaching an all-time low, the U.S. national marriage rate is now rising. Studies indicate that many Americans age 18 to 34 delayed marriage during the long recession because of economic insecurity. Now that the economy is on the rise, so is the national marriage rate. However, here in the RGV, that's not the case.


Annette Muñiz is with the County of Hidalgo.  Muñiz says, "Well the thing is we haven't seen like a big influx either way you know we've had about 5,000 marriages per year and that really hasn't changed."

just as the RGV marriage rate seems to be holding steady, so does our local rate of divorces. again, the explanation may be economic, because the unemployment rate remains high in the valley and wages remain relatively low.


UTPA Psychological Services counselor Kim Loan Nguyen-Finn says,
"I think you noticed during times of economic hardship that people aren't getting divorced as regularly, as frequently, um, it cost money to get a divorce."

And divorces can definitely hit people in the pocket.

Certain programs in Hidalgo County can ease that burden if you quality for a special filing. And for those divorcing, it's already tough enough going through all the emotional stress before economic and property issues are even addressed.

When it comes to divorces, here in Texas it's a no fault state which means a couple needs not prove any instances of wrongdoing or abuse.

Loan Nguyen-Finn says, "Very recent years that people were separating, they were splitting up but they weren't able to leave the same household."

There are no national figures yet on increases or decreases in same sex marriages, which has not been legalized in Texas.

The two states with the highest divorce rate are Nevada and Maine.

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