Many Neighborhoods Come Out of the Dark

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 11:11am

HIDALGO COUNTY- Several neighborhoods in Hidalgo County face a lot of problems. Many of them have been left in the dark but now several colonia residents can now step into the light. The Muniz colonia is one of many neighborhoods who have never had street lights. Now residents no longer have to worry about the dangers in the dark.

County officials along with the LUPE and ARISE organizations have been pushing for these lights for almost a decade. They are solar powered and cost effective. Organizers believe dark communities attract dark crimes. They hope the lights will fix a number of problems. Several neighborhoods in Hidalgo County will no longer be in the dark. Officials say it's not just about preventing crime, it's also about the kids.

Colonias are filled with children. At times its been hard for drivers to see where they're going in the dark.
Residents hope the lights will prevent any tragedies. At least 10 neighborhoods will have street lights by the end of this year. In the name of public health and safety organizers hope to eventually light up every neighborhood in the county, one street at a time.

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This is the best thing that ever happened to the Valley Not only will we be saving the County and Tax payers money by not paying electricity with these systems but at the same time Making the county greener!

Antonio Olivares(Head of this Project)
FSG Lighting and elctrical
Engineering Sales

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