Man who robbed Girl Scouts' collection jar captured

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 6:04pm

California police caught a man accused of stealing a jar of money from two Girl Scouts. Police chased down the suspect and it was all caught on camera, Steve Price has the dramatic video.

"Hey! Hey!"

"He's running! He's running!"

David Betancort tried to get away, but as you can see in this CBS News 8 exclusive video, he didn't get very far.

"Can you breathe okay?"

Escondido police say the 21 year-old is the guy who stole from two Girl Scouts cookie jar.

"Gracie, what do you think about that?"


Zoe Fullerton, Girl Scout, "And he started running, grabbed it and he was laughing sort of...went to his car, got in and started to drive away."

Gracie and her sister Zoe were selling the cookies at this Albertson's Saturday. They had a donation jar out to send cookies to troops overseas.

They say there was around $45 in it when Betancort allegedly grabbed it and ran.

We showed the girls Betancort running again, this time from police and U.S. Marshals and the sight of him in handcuffs.

Erin Fullerton, Mother, "Oh...yes! Do you see that girls? I told you that night, I told you that night they would get them."

Turns out, authorities were already looking for Betancort for two outstanding warrants

Betancort, "What's the video for?"

Now they'll be adding petty theft and resisting arrest.

Erin Fullerton, "This is wonderful news. I know people in San Diego are going to be really excited to see that."

Actually, not just people in San Diego but all over the world.

Their story went viral over the weekend and hundreds of dollars in donations have come in.

The message to Girl Scout cookie monsters?

Zoe Fullerton, "No more stealing our cookie money."

Gracie Fullerton, "Don't mess with Girl Scouts and don't mess with soldiers."

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