Man Stung by Bees, Health Dept. Warns People to Survey Property

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 11:19am

With the changing of the seasons, the Brownsville City Health Department has a few reminders after a person was stung by bees here on their property Wednesday.

"As the temp gets warmer the bees get more active and they actually move around inside their hive to keep the queen cool," says Willie Gonzales of the Brownsville City Health Dept.

They also venture out to collect pollen from the blooming flowers that pop up during the spring season.

Wednesday afternoon the city health department and fire department were called to a home off of Morelos St. after a man doing some work on a shed was stung several times on his face. It's believed that he inadvertantly agitated the bees who had created a home in between the walls. That's when they got him.

The Brownsville City Health Department suggests that people survey their property for bees before they start any projects or yard work.

"What we advise people to do is to, before they start mowing their lawn, walk around their property and make sure there is no bee activity in the area because the vibrations from the lawn mower or weed eater will irritate them," says Gonzales.

The city health department can handle a bee situation if it's in the open, not in a structure, if it's inside a structure, outside assistance is needed, but the health department can point you in the right direction.

"They can call the health department if they notice any kind of activity going in and out of their walls. We will give them a list of exterminators with the proper licensing that will be able to do that kind of work," says Gonzales.

Fortunately the man stung in this particular incident was treated on scene by the fire department, but health officials say bee stings can be very dangerous, even deadly for certain people, so taking precautions is extremely necessary.

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