Man Sentenced in Brownsville Cold Case


POSTED: Friday, January 7, 2011 - 2:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 6:34am

Man killed three teens in 1998

"There are no words that I can come up with to forgive for what you did."

"You have forever changed every Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday gatherings my family will have. There will always be someone missing."

"There are no words to describe how deeply it has involved our whole family. His future."

To this day, these families still mourn the loss of their loved ones, then, 14-year-old, Jason Sexton, 18-year-old, Roberto Moreno and 19-year-old, Ricardo Mata. The boys were shot and killed on Minnesota Road in 1998.

Although the crimes happened 12 years ago, these families still live with the pain caused by 28-year-old, Ricardo Hernandez, "El boy" and 30-year-old, Christopher Carrera. Carrera was sentenced to 15 years in prison 6 years ago and today, Hernandez pled guilty to the three murders and received a total of 35 years in prison. We spoke to the victims' families after the ruling and they are far from satisfied.

"There’s been a weight lifted off my shoulders but it's not nearly enough. 35 years for killing three boys is not enough."

"I think the prosecution just wanted to rid themselves of this case and I don't think that they took or made the effort to try and get him convicted."

We spoke to Cameron County District Attorney, Armando Villalobos, about the families’ discontent feeling. Although he understands them, he says his office did all they could to put the killers behind bars for as long as possible.

"We didn't have much left to try the case. All of our witnesses were either dead or on the run themselves from the law, so we really don't have anything other than the co-defendant who's serving time in prison."

According to police records, on the night of April 25th 1998, Hernandez was driving on Billy Mitchell Boulevard with Carrera when they raced a Camaro with Sexton, Moreno and Mata inside. After the drag race, the victims allegedly asked Hernandez if he knew where they could score alcohol and drugs. The cars pulled up to Minnesota Road, where Hernandez shot and killed the group. Mata and Moreno were found lying near the Camaro and Sexton was found lying in a small ditch a few yards away.

"It doesn't get easier. My son is gone, the son that I carried for 9 months, the son that I raised for 18 years."

"This feels like it was yesterday. It was last weekend. It feels like I was receiving the phone call for the very first time. He may have forgotten what he did 12 years ago but his family has not forgotten."

Hernandez was on the run in México for nearly a decade before he was extradited back to the United States. Villalobos believes he was associated with members of the Gulf Cartel.

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Jjason sexton was a very dear friend of mine a brother if you will, I am absolutely horrified that all this "thing" got was 35 years!! Would you want to have to identify your child in a morge so destroyed that you barely recognise him. You affected soo many people by taking these young boys lives Jason was a baby himself and he was a great person!! He wasn't sentenced fairly by any means he should have gotten 3 life sentences!!!! At least i can find peace knowing he'll burn in hell!!!!!!!!

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