Man falls in wood chipper and survives

Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 4:41pm

A man in Washington is injured, but alive, after falling into a wood chipper. How did he survive it? Emily Sinovic has the story.

Emily Sinovic, "How you feeling?"

Frank Arce, "I'm feeling alright. Not too bad. It's been a rough couple of days. But I'm doing good, I'm hanging in there."

An understatement if there ever was one.

Frank Arce, "It cut me pretty bad."

Frank know Friday should've ended differently, Emily Sinovic, "When do you first realize something's not right."

Frank Arce, "Honestly when the machine cut back on."

Emily Sinovic, "You could hear the engine start up?"

Frank Arce, "Yeah."

Emily Sinovic, "There was no escaping?"

Frank Arce, "No, I was there."

Frank Arce, "Actually going through the machine itself wasn't the worst part about it."

Emily Sinovic, "What was the worst part?"

Frank Arce, "The not knowing what was going to happen."

Emily Sinovic, "Did you think you were going to die?"

Frank Arce, "There was a thought but it was more like something was telling me I wasn't going to die that day. I felt I had a lot of angels out there with me that day. A lot of people looking out for me."

He has the ink to prove it check out the tattoo on his chest, "Send me an angel', if you can believe it."

Angels, a little luck what  he doesn't like to dwell on, Frank Arce, "Seven broken ribs up here, a collapsed lung."

Shattered bones, bruises, deep cuts and all those surgeries ahead, but he's got hands to hold and confidence, he'll survive, it's what he does.

Emily Sinovic, "Will you be 100 percent again?"

Frank Arce, "I like to think so but I'm stubborn like that."

Frank will be in the hospital a couple more weeks. His company is paying for his medical bills and the state is now investigating.

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