Man eats out of dumpster, food waste awareness

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 11:13am

How much food goes to waste in your kitchen? An activist in San Diego is taking an extreme approach to raise awareness about the amount of food that gets thrown away in the U.S., Christian De La Rosa talked to him about his new diet.

Rob Greenfield just brought home about a week's worth of groceries, "About $200 worth of food, all these grapes, tons of bagels."

But he didn't spend a penny, he's been stocking up on what he finds in local grocery store dumpsters, "Frozen pizza! I had no idea how much good, clean food is in the dumpsters."

Greenfield is spending the week eating from a dumpster to bring attention to the issue of food waste in the U.S., "Some people would call it nasty. It's just a matter of perspective."

Current figures from the National Resources Defense Council show Americans throw away about $165 billion dollars worth of food every year.

A lot of the waste coming from grocery stores, "You know, maybe cosmetically it doesn't look perfect. For this, the suggested sell by date is December 28, 2013."

Fruits and vegetables Greenfield would much rather eat than let rot in a landfill.

The environmental activist known for surviving on dumpster diving and traveling the country on his bike, isn't necessarily trying to get you to do the same, "If you ever dumpster dive, I recommend you wash the stuff."

But he does hope that people become more mindful about their food consumption and, ultimately, help avoid waste, "Not overeat and not over-consume."

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