Man Claims Constant Waste Overflow Fills his Apartment, Landlord Does Little to Permanently Fix Problem

Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 10:11am

A San Benito man claims he's living in filth, not just any filth, but sewage, and it's caused him health problems.

"I wrap all my towels around there because I leave my place again and when I come home, I'll find it all over. When it floods it goes all over in to my rooms. Right now I got it all nice and clean, but two or three days it will happen again," says concerned tenant Ambrosio Barrera.

This is what Ambrosio Barrera has come to know. He says a house full of overflow sewage is a regular occurrence. He claims the septic systems on the apartment grounds get filled up and aren't properly disposed of, so all the waste travels back through his toilet and shower. We saw what appears to be old waste on the side of the building, first hand.

The apartment he lives in is provided through the housing authority in Los Fresnos. He says he's reported the issue to the landlord and housing authority on multiple occasions. He says the landlord has fixed it, but it's apparently only been a temporary fix because it keeps happening.

News Center 23 contacted the Los Fresnos Housing Authority who is aware of the situation out at the complex. A representative for the office says they have contacted the county and landlord on the issue in the past and will continue to look into the conditions. They also add that no one else in the complex has brought this issue to their attention.

"I believe they're afraid to complain, they're afraid to say anything cause they'll get kicked out, well I'm not," says Barrera.

But Barrera flips through images on his digital camera that documents the overflowing waste.

In the meantime, housing says they are looking to move Barrera to another apartment complex.

"Hopefully that they will take care of it, that maybe housing will know that it is going on, let's make sure some other tenants we send in there, they don't go through the same thing, ya know," added Barrera.

A person from the housing authority was set to visit the property Wednesday to check in on the current conditions at the apartment complex.

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