Man Arrested on Several Counts of Animal Cruelty


POSTED: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 4:53pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 - 8:25am

These five pups are lucky someone made an outcry to police because if not, authorities say the small Pit Bulls wouldn’t have survived any longer.

A neighbor called Brownsville Police Monday afternoon concerned about the health of the pups. The person, who remained anonymous, told officials the dogs looked malnourished and had no food in sight.

“When officers arrived, they found two dogs in a pen with no food but with some water that was green and with worms,” said Brownsville Police Spokesman, Eddie Garcia.

As officers and Brownsville’s Animal Control searched the property for any other animals, they found two more dogs in the same conditions. And as they continued to look for more, they were overcome by a strong and foul odor coming from a nearby trash can.

“They went ahead and proceeded to check the area and found a fifth dog inside the trash can.”

When 27-year-old, Ruben Salazar, owner of the dogs, was asked about the dog inside the trash bin, he told police he thought it was dead and dumped it in there.

Brownsville Animal Control Supervisor, Robert Dippong says, “My officer was going to confiscate the body for evidence but when he opened the lid he found the animal was still alive.”

Animal control took the pups into custody while police arrested Salazar on five counts of Animal Cruelty. Salazar told investigators the reason he had not fed the dogs is because he didn't have the money to do so. Animal control says that's no excuse.

“We’re a phone call away if you can't feed your animals, if you can't care for them, give us a call and we'll go ahead and pick them up for you.”

The dogs are doing much better. They’re eating and drinking clean water. But these dogs won't be up for adoption any time soon, as this case will be reviewed by the District Attorney's office. They'll determine whether or not they'll prosecute Salazar.

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