Man Arrested for Near Attack on Officer with Large Knife

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 9:34am

A Harlingen police officer working off-duty security was approached by a man holding a large knife. News Center 23 reporter Na'Tassia Finley has more on what happened next.

 He was sitting in his car, full uniform and badge- keeping an eye on this car lot off of South F Street and West Jackson on Friday night.

an officer with the Harlingen police department was working security at the dealership when a man, who turned out to be identified as 56 year old Cayetano Ybanez approached his car in the darkness. The officer could tell the man had something in his hand but wasn't quite sure what it was until the man got a little bit closer.

"It was what appeared to be a large kitchen knife, approximately 6 to 10 inches long,” said Sgt. John Parrish of the Harlingen Police Department.

After the officer yelled for Ybanez to drop the knife he took off, still with the knife in his hand. Police say he threw it on top of a building roof near the area. he was caught by police just a block over from where the attempted to assault the officer.

The motive for the near attack? That's not been determined just yet, but the case is under investigation. Authorities do tell News Center 23 that the man did not appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident.

Ybanez was given a 60-thousand dollar bond, the officer involved in the near attack was not injured.


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