Man arrested for carrying loaded weapon onto McAllen PD headquarters


POSTED: Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 2:19pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 10, 2013 - 12:35pm

On Wednesday, August 7th, in the evening hours Zack William Horton, 37, walked into the McAllen Police Department asking to be photographed at the McAllen Public Safety facilities with his assault rifle.

Horton was informed that the building is a government facility and warned that weapons were not allowed on the grounds and asked to leave the premises.

A short time later, Horton returned and was detained by an officer as he exited his vehicle. He then declared that he had a knife in his waistband and a loaded high powered rifle.

The officer asked him to step away from his vehicle, which Horton ignored, causing the officer to draw his weapon and being able to arrest Horton.

In the search of Horton's vehicle the officer found the loaded rifle, a high capacity magazine loaded with ammunition, a around in the firing position and 65 rounds of ammunition.

Horton was charged with carrying a weapon on places where weapons are prohibited and given a $25,000 bond.


Photos courtesy of McAllen PD

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He is free and they have returned all "evidence" back to him his firearm and knife seems like they accepted they were wrong!!! My guess is next thing we hear is they are dropping all charges!

If you are going to publish an article on a story, can you please check your sources first. This article is completely inaccurate. No laws were broken. This is a case of police corruption, and civil rights violations. I personally know the person that was unlawfully detained, and have been updated on the story as it has been happening. He has video footage of the event, and as soon as bail is posted, the video footage will be too. You may want to fix this article before the video is released.

This is a garbage article and garbage reporting. He first went to the station to let them know he was going to take a picture in front of the police station as we have done and many other PD across Texas. They illegally searched him and confiscated his LEGAL knife from him and told him to leave. He left the site and then decided he wanted to file a formal complaint of what just happened and he called and let him know he was coming back. At that time they met him in the parking lot guns drawn put

You people need to get your facts straight. This story is so full of flat out misinformation that it's beyond incredible. The entire thing is on video so get ready to print a retraction and apologize to a Texas patriot for your unbelievably inept reporting.

The article is both misleading and inaccurate. He was unjustly detained the first time he visited the station and patted down without cause or his consent. He returned to simply file a complaint against the officers that mistreated him during his first visit when they apprehended him. I wonder why there is no mention of the polices' misbehavior in this article?? Good thing Murdoch got the first visit on his go pro so you can judge for yourself!! Will post site here when available.

This story is misleading given the facts of the case as they are currently known. Anyone looking to learn more about why anyone would wish openly carry a firearm in Texas should learn more about the group this man was involved in. It is also no small piece that no crime was committed. Weapons are not permitted in the premises of court buildings. Premises is defined as inside the buildings. What that all means is it is perfectly legal to carry a long arm and a legal knife on the sidewalk anywher

The rifle was in the back seat of his truck - and of course it was loaded! What good would it do him if the cartels that seem to run McCallen had attacked and it WASN'T loaded?!

Numerous officers were waiting for him when he pulled back in to the PD to file a complaint against the officers who had illegally searched him during his first visit when they confiscated his K-Bar. Those officers drug him from his truck and forced him to the ground. Then he was denied his 8th Amendment this morning.

This story is really Bloched and misleading. The real story of what happoned is on under blog. Mr. Horton will be adding a blog into the page after his release tonight also.

The charges against him are total nonsense. There are no laws against carrying a loaded firearm in your vehicle, and there are no laws against open carry of a long gun in Texas. You can carry a weapon on the "grounds" of any public property, "premises" is defined as the inside of a building. The McAllen PD is full of stupid and ignorant. Your spin on the story just adds to the stupid.

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