Male Cosmetics

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 7:56am

Cosmetic companies are now focusing on making skin care and make-up for males.

It used to be that the only men you would ever see at a cosmetic counter were those dragged by their wives or girlfriends.

The times are now changing, as men are now making up a much bigger part of the beauty market.

"Clinique has come out with a concealer for men because they also care about dark circles under their eyes," said Cosmetic Manager of Bloomingdale's Laura Gallo.
Experts now say that men are flocking to the beauty aisle weather they want to admit it or not.

"I've had women come in saying, 'I'm tired of my husband using my skin care products. Can you find him something?'," said Skin Care Manager of Nordstrom, Ronnie Dean.

Sales show that last year Americans spent close to five billion dollars on men's grooming products.

That number is more than double of what men were spending about a decade ago.

Among the top sellers, skin care products whose whole sales now have quadrupled over the last ten years.

"A lot is devoted to shaving needs such as razor bumps and ingrown hair," said Gallo.

"People want to look younger. We're bombarded with images of beauty and youth and this is the only way they're going to help maintain that," said Dean.

"Anything that can get the economy expanded, going into cosmetics then that's great," said customer Pete Barrett.

So how would concealer fare with the average man?

"I would buy the lotions, no doubt, but the makeup, I'll pass," said Consumer Morgan Hawkins.

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