Making Beer In The Valley


POSTED: Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 3:38pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 5:17pm

Many people hit South Padre Island to enjoy the beautiful beach and Gulf of Mexico.
But South Padre Island also has a great local beer brewed right on South Padre Island.
Padre Island Brewing Co. makes 22 different kinds of beers.

"The system is 310 gallons 10 barrel system and we are brewing generally once a week."

Mark Haggenmiller is the head brewer at Padre Island Brewing Co. He is 3rd generation brewery with 27 year experience...Thursday he was up bright and early brewing their pale ale.
He shows us some of the steps involved in making beer. We are first at the mash ton tank.

"What I am doing with the tank is straining extract through the grain and accumulating into the brew kettle."

We are now at the at the brew kettle, Haggenmiller is boiling at 212 degrees.

"I am boiling the unfragremened beer its called wort, when I reach the boil and extract level I am going to add the hops to the beer, what hops do it give the aroma and character ."

From there it goes to fermination tank.

"That is where the yeast is introduced and ferminitation process begins that process last about 7-10 days, Then we age our beers.
"After about three weeks its done and ready to drink."

That is for ales, lagers usually take a month a more.

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