MADD Brings Support Services To Victim's Families

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 8:02am

HIDALGO COUNTY - The Arguello family home is like any other home, accept the furniture and pictures all seems to remind the family of just one person.  

That person is Luis Arguello, 30, who in June of last year, was another victim of a drunk driving crash. The family will never forget when they arrived at the hospital. 

"From what we saw, yes he was unconscious, but we never really thought it would end up this way," said Lilybell Arguello, Sister.

Arguello died ten days after the crash, another statistic that left the family in pieces.

"We were kind of lost in space, couldn't really move on with the fact that we were faced with that horrible situation, we weren't ready to move on, we just couldn't accept it. Even when it came to the day of making funeral preparations we were still in denial and we couldn't accept it," said Lilybell.

But the local Mother's Against Drunk Driving group stepped in and helped put the pieces of the family back together.

"We are here for them for any support that they might need, whether it is a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, help with burial expenses, navigating the criminal justice system, the justice system. We even provide support groups, we provide ongoing support groups, anything that a victim or a victim family might need," said Ana Verley, MADD Senior Victim Service Specialist.

MADD said every family is different, but recently the need for their support has been pushed to the limits because of numerous drunk driving crashes around the Valley.

If you or someone you know would like to speak to a local MADD representative visit

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