Lung Cancer is Deadliest Cancer in State


POSTED: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - 5:02pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 5:15pm

Local Oncologist Reacts

It's considered the deadliest cancer in the nation. It's also the deadliest cancer in the state. Over 14,000 new cases were diagnosed through out the state last year. Dr. Nurul Wahid sees the devastating affects of lung cancer first hand at Texas Oncology in McAllen.

"More people die of lung cancer and it's very painful those who work around it," said Dr. Wahid. "It's a very painful cancer. It can cause other types of cancer like pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer and bladder cancer. Even if it doesn't cause cancer, it affects the cardiac system."

Dr. wahid points the finger at one very deadly addiction but not all lung cancer cases are caused by smoking.
People who are genetically prone to the disease have fallen victim. Not to mention the thousands who die each year from second hand smoke. Pollution and radon gas have also played a factor.

One of the biggest problems with diagnosing lung cancer is that there isn't a specific screening test.
Even though c-t scans can help screen for the cancer Doctors say paying attention to early warning signs
is what's ultimately going to save your life.

There were over 250 new cases within the last year in Hidalgo County. More than half of those people were expected to die. Dr. Wahid says deaths can be prevented across the state if law makers enforced a smoking ban.

"Texas is the second largest state in the country so i think we need to," said Dr. Wahid. "Now we can't be an example. We need to join the rest of the crowd in a good cause."
So far 26 states have banned smoking in workplaces but Texas still has yet to move over to the non smoking section. Something Dr. Wahid and researchers at Texas Oncology say will end up saving many lives.

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